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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Is There A Father In The House?

When I tell  people that my  mother and father are married - to each other - and for the past 60 years - I get the following reactions: You're lucky, That's great, For real? I'm jealous. 

It appears that many adults wish they had spent their childhood with a dad in the house even as they find it nearly impossible to build the kinds of relationships that will allow their kids to experience childhood with a mother and father residing harmoniously together under one roof. 

Since June is the month when we think about fathers, I discuss the conditions in the community that I believe need to be present for fathers to best bestow their blessings. "Is A Father In the Home Like A Rotary Phone: Out-dated, Old-fashioned, Old-school?" appears in the new launch of the award-winning web site

Check it out.

Then tell me what you think.


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