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Sunday, May 29, 2016


Premise: There is no question that in today's 21st century, more and more women are dominating the work force and proud of it. Manly qualities such as protecting and leading give men ownership of the pants in their relationships - in my opinion. It's not necessarily all about who makes more money when it comes to who leads the household. What does "wearing the pants" really mean and does the majority income provider wear them?(

My 2 CENTS ONLY on this is that THIS is a dangerous FANTASY. It represents a "virtuous trap" for men. Because at the opportune moment, a high earning woman will play the $$$$ CARD. In most cases this will have a catastrophic, ISIS-type effect on the man in question. You will shake him to his core. FIRST because he thought you would NEVER cross that line. SECOND because you've now just handed him his azz. How can he recover from that?
* "It's my house."
* "It's my car."
* "My credit cards."
* "I said don't touch the bank account."
* "I pay the bills up in here....not YOU."

Then he is seen as neither a PROVIDER OR PROTECTOR. He can clock out now.....he is DONE! A woman controls a man's destiny in her SILENCE until she decides to break it...then he is @#$%%^&. When she does break her silence, a woman's words are equal to a man's fist!

***MEMO-TO-A-BROTHA - secretly she don't respect you anymore anyway, and PRIVATELY probably hasn't for quite some time!!!

On the other hand, a woman who makes less than her man is STILL IS THE WOMAN OF THE HOUSE with all the rights, privileges, respect, ownership and honor. She cannot be "besmirched" by an arrogant high earning man because if she takes him to court the judge will ALWAYS regulate her lifestyle expectation financially and give what is DUE her. The laws are designed to RIGHT THE WRONG done to her. This does not happen in reverse (at least not NEARLY as often it should anyway). She maintains her dignity despite any attempt he makes to tear down his baby-momma.

See, the rules are different. This is why things are set up in the BEGINNING to take into consideration how things will go down in the POTENTIAL END! Messing with what I call the NATURAL ORDER is a slippery slope with near fatal consequences. Men who disagree with this are TEMPTING FATE.....LIVING ON BORROWED TIME. Most men with "sugar mommas" are broken, shook men at some point who are lucky if they live to tell the GAME OF THRONES type tale that they lived through - the day she pulled rank on him.

Therefore, as a man, you need to get your ^%%# together, get your weight-up, handle your bizness, take care of bizzness, get your credit right, earn, provide, be generous, and respect your money and your woman. BOTH have the POWER to destroy you. MAN TALK 101!!!!

However, with the increase of women in college and the workforce and heading up more businesses and households - I predict there is a storm coming. I am not saying it CAN'T be done in the name of LOVE (some high earning women would NEVER cross this line....or so I'm told???) - but you might wanna consider buying a Powerball ticket for slightly better odds :) Disrespect is anathema to 99% of most men. How do you show your man respect? That's the message for my next commentary. Look for it in the next issue.

LaFayette Trawick is a blogger, freelance writer, and CEO/Founder of Claiming Ignorance; a co-ed Mentoring and Family Advocacy consortium 


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