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Monday, February 04, 2013

News from Joy Jones at The Spoken Word


Are you concerned about marriage, courtship, divorce, dating and living single? Of course you are because you read and responded to "Marriage is for White People." The articles below feature information of interest regarding male-female relationships.

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Joy Jones, Director
The Spoken Word

What Happens When 'Mama Don't Need A Man?'

 What Happens When 'Mama Don't Need A Man?'
 by Joy Jones Deep. And frighteningly close to the truth. When I saw this cartoon, I HAD to contact the man who created it.

It's the brainchild of the owner and founder of, a digital office space for professional social marketing products and services. Here's what Saience had to say about what led to this progression of thought:

"Children are usually very protective about their Mother's feelings. The Father is leaving out the door, but why is the mystery. The children's conclusions are related to how Mom is feeling. No child that loves their Mom truly wants to become anything or symbolize anything that has caused her pain. So the suggestion here is that, the young boy doesn't want to be a Man if Men are the source of his Mother's pain. A natural conclusion that obviously transforms into an unhealthy choice over time."

Clearly, this is NOT the message we want to send our girls and boys. But when a situation is painful, what can bring relief without vilifying the man, victimizing the woman or damaging the children? Saience stated:

"I think we all want to be with someone who will bring out the best in us. We want stability as well as growth. We are like plants in that way, we don't stay in places where there is no sunlight. As long as we are creating a growing, nutrient rich environment we can have lasting relationships. But if the relationship is too demanding, too complicated, then it can become too toxic. That could be why most of our relationships fail."

Evidently, many of us are planted with too little sunlight and too much pain. Someone once told me that the word PAIN represents - Please Address the Inner Need. What is the inner need couples are missing? What need of yours do you feel gets neglected? And how can it be addressed?

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A Story Gift for Valentine's Day

 A Story Gift for Valentine's Day
 by Joy Jones

Joy Jones This Valentine's Day I will be part of Ballou Senior High School's African American Read-In. The Read-In has been endorsed by the International Reading Association. Over a million readers of all ethnic groups from the United States, the District of Columbia, the West Indies, African countries, and more have participated. The goal is to make the celebration of African American literacy a traditional part of Black History Month activities.

Be a valentine and Share Your LOVE of Books with Us! Donate on behalf of The Story Gift Project in order for us to buy lots of books to giveaway to students! Contributions are tax deductible. Here's how to give:

Checks made payable to: Friends of Ballou/Community Foundation of the National Capital Region.

Mailed to: Ballou Senior High School 3401 Fourth Street SE Washington D.C. 20032 ATTENTION: Melissa Jackson, Librarian

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