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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Unattached Sisters - If You'd Like to Find Love Post-50 Here are some tips from a man's perspective by Tony King

Make it a priority

Tell a few of your true friends that sharing your life with a man you are compatible with is important to you. Let them know it’s the lifestyle you’d prefer and that you enjoy a man’s company and friendship.

Please Stop Saying You Don’t Need a Man!

Human beings are natural pair bonders. It’s in our DNA. Saying you need a man to both compliment you and to complement your life is not a sign of weakness; it is actually a sign of strength and emotional wellness.

If you want a man’s friendship.
If you want a man’s companionship.
If you want to have sex with a man.

Then, you NEED a man!

And, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Be Friendly and Smile

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing; be it standing at the checkout line in a grocery store or networking at a function for your job, make it a point to smile and speak to men. Don’t just greet your gal pals. And, don’t be afraid to extend your hand and introduce yourself. Many men would be relieved if you break the ice this way. And, believe me, if you get it started, the brothers will get it finished.

Get Out of Your Standard Routine

Still do and enjoy activities that you truly like but try a few new places. But, not with too many female friends in tow.  Men in their 50s looking for love don’t mind approaching 2 women sitting together chatting at an event but they probably don’t want to deal with a sorority of 4 or more in trying to get acquainted with someone new.  So, find yourself at the Black College Football Classic whether it’s your college or not; whether you went to college or not. Get out there and get noticed. And, bring you’re A-game.  Tasteful jeans and heels will get the right men noticing. I’ve seen lots of sisters in their 50s that are fine and will give the younger women a run for their money.

Remember that Time is of the Essence

If we look at the human life cycle as quarters in a football game, when you hit 50 you are solidly in the third quarter. 

0 – 19   1st Quarter – (growing up, going through primary and high school)
20 – 39 2nd Quarter – (college, career, marriage or family or both, finding out who you are)
40 – 59 3rd Quarter – (solid life experiences, more confidence, knowing who you are)
60 – 80 4th Quarter (the winding down phase, enjoying the fruits of your labor)
81 and beyond (Overtime – Bonus quarter – enjoying the blessing of a life well lived)

So, at 50, and in the 3rd quarter of life, how do you want the remainder of your life to be?

If sharing your life with a compatible man would be a happier and more fulfilling lifestyle for you then you need to be proactive in making that happen!